Monday, December 18, 2006


Book 75: The Headless Bust

Ah, three-quarters of the way finished. even though i will immediately post about book #76 after this, and am almost through book #77, i seriously doubt my ability to finish twenty-three more books in two weeks. sad, i know, but i did my best. i love edward gorey and have since i was little girl. my parents were, and still are, avid fans of pbs' mystery show, which always opened with a cartoon by gorey. he writes small weird books and i recently discovered that a friend of mine also likes edward gorey. he is pretty much the first person outside of my family who has ever heard of him. what a guy. i hope you're reading this and feeling complimented. anyhoo, i read this at his house. yes, it's short but not really a children's book, so it counts. i have also taken the liberty of putting up a picture of the gashlycrumb tinies, an alphabetical exercise of the macabre.

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