Sunday, December 24, 2006


#62: The Amber Room

I ended up vetoing all of my short books fro the library and chose this 400 page suspense novel next. Reading The Amber Room was well worth the time. I read another book by Steve Berry earlier this year that I liked and I was just as pleased with this one. The Amber Room is actually the first of his novels but still a great read.

It is a story of art collectors and their employees, former employees of the Soviet Union and their children racing across and searching Europe for the missing art called the Amber Room. Now the book is fiction but the Amber Room is really a missing art and its not just a painting but a whole room made out of amber. The slight element of truth added a bit of wonder to the story. The book was hard to put down and pretty suspenseful. I never would have predicted the ending and I really enjoyed reading the whole thing.

ooh, this sounds good. i'm going to check it out tomorrow! hope you, your folks, brett, laura and penny are having a very nice christmas!
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