Saturday, November 25, 2006


Book 71: Judge and Jury

so i finished my last two books at anne's house, without bringing an adequate reading supply. i was stuck for a whole day without anything to read, so anne let me read this book. i do believe it was the last book she blogged about...another fabulous book by james patterson. this is only the second by him i've read. they are similar to another favorite of ours, mary higgins clark. both of these authors tend to write formulaic books...and this one was good. i read it in a day and a half. this one follows an fbi agent who has just arrested a crime boss, the horrid trial and all the intrigue we could handle the day after thanksgiving. nick, the fbi agent, gets dumped by ellen, the hotshot anesthesiologist (i had no idea you could be a hotshot in this field. i had to laugh a good three minutes about this ridiculousness before i could resume reading) and then of course falls in love with andie, the juror who experiences some personal tragedy at the hands of the crime boss. i hope i didn't give anything away by that synopsis, but i figured that out by reading the book jacket, so it shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone reading this book. i think i like james patterson. he writes mindless, easy-to-read junk. although i did just write that my brain was hurting with all the mindlessness. oh well.

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