Thursday, November 16, 2006


Book 68: The Lazarus Hotel

I am here at panera in the vicinity of purdue university. after i finish posting i will drive around campus. as a big ten graduate i'd like to see the other big ten campuses. this will be campus number four. it's funny, somehow i always believe that some other place, like west lafayette, will be so different. maybe not all that more interesting, as it is indiana, but this isn't all that different from penn state. well, penn state is obviously better, but it brings up an issue in my life: the fact that i'm always looking for the next thing, the more glamorous and exciting friends, place to live, activities, a more glamorous me. yet everywhere i go, i'm pretty much the same, as is my life. as i hurtle towards thirty, i need to sit back and just enjoy where i am right now, with the people around me and the circumstances in which i find myself.

anyhoo, this is no place for random philosophical musings, it's about books! i just completed book 68. it was another my mom recommended. she had said it was similar to "ten little indians" and i guess it was. kind of. six or seven people are assembled in a hotel for a personal discovery course. they then personally discover they all knew a young woman, cathy, who had recently committed suicide. one by one, they are injured. unfortunately, only one person died. it wasn't that great. i couldn't really get into the characters. i doubt i'll read any more by this author.

so, thirty-two more to go. i fully intend to take advantage of my upcoming thanksgiving break by doing much reading. i'd like to finish through at least book 71. i am looking forward to the holiday, as am spending it with my co-blogger anne. i hope we can go visit the champaign library.

so does that mean you're going to visit THE greatest big ten school: u of i??? i sure hope so.
i don't know that i'd call it the greatest school of the big ten....maybe i'd put it in the top five. PENN STATE is unquestionably the greatest Big Ten institution.
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