Sunday, November 12, 2006


Book 66: Celebration of Discipline

i rarely read books by christian authors that are "how-to" books. i usually find that they are poorly written, and though strive to make the christian life easier, are usually burdensome. it seems that they always boil walking with jesus down to a couple of formulas, or rules, really. i'd much rather read the bible or something that points me to god in other ways. i watch the movie "v for vendetta" last week and one of the characters said artists use lies to tell the truth. i think that can be true of secular literature; many times it shows us the character of god and the nature of man.

but this was a great christian book. richard foster takes us through the spiritual disciplines. he argues that by practicing these disciplines we place ourselves where god can meet us and bless us. some he wrote about include study, prayer, service, solitude, worship, celebration, confession, as well as several others. instead of feeling i had to do a bunch of stuff to walk with god, reading this book made me want to just spend time with him. whether that be studying the word, listening quietly as i stroll outdoors, or in serving at my church, i just felt a desire to know the lord better. this is an excellent book. i would highly recommend it and even suggest rereading it. i think i'd like to purchase if for myself so as to read more carefully again.

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