Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Book 61: Surfacing

i don't quite recall much of this book. i started it about a month ago, then it was overdue at the library, so i rechecked it out last week. i like the idea of margaret atwood, but in practical application am not quite sure. perhaps i'm just not smart enough, or i wasn't intrigued enough, but i don't think i really got it. maybe it's because i'm an american, and she constantly expressed her dislike for americans. (she, along with her characters, is canadian) the narrator and her lover, along with another couple, go to rural quebec, the land of her childhood, to discover what happened to her father. he has been missing for some time. during the course of their week at his cabin in the woods, relationships and sanity slowly unravel. at the end, she is trying to morph into an animal. i don't really have the time to reflect on what all of this might mean, nor do i really care to at this time. i'm about to have an appointment with one of my favorite girls, and i'd much rather spend time with her than rack my brains for symbolism. perhaps i will think about this and tell you my revelations in a later post. but i doubt it. this was an okay book. i still think i'll read more margaret atwood. i enjoyed the robber bride a few years ago. fie! again cannot get picture to upload. will try later tonight.

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