Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Book 59: The Chosen

Oh my word i am a reading and blogging fiend. my goal is to finish at least two more books by the end of this week. am at the library, so will have to get some more easy reads. this one, by chaim potok, was a fairly easy read. a friend recommended this author, so i tried him out. the story is of reuven malter, a young jewish boy in new york and the friendship he forges with danny, a boy from a strict and even more orthodox family. while the plot was not especially gripping, i did enjoy the slowly unfolding of the story and feeling my regard for the characters grow as their relationship deepens. i thought that it was a rare glimpse for me into an entirely different culture. the expectations placed on these young me by their families and synagogues to grow into rabbis and religious leaders is tremendous. this might offend, but it didn't make judaism attractive; it had rather the opposite effect. i know that jews worship the god of the old testament, but it seemed that they were trying intensely to please an angry sovereign. interesting. i think that i will read the sequel, the promise. i think i would recommend anything he writes.

I am so proud of your reading accomplishments. I really need to get it together and get back on track. I did spend some time reading yesterday so that is good I suppose.
thank you anne. that is good. i will pray that you have time. i have watched more television lately than i care to admit. must stop and get back to reading.
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