Monday, October 02, 2006


Book 57: A Walk In The Woods

Bill! are you reading this! i am feeling wretched and insecure because i want you to read this and then call me up and invite me on your next adventure! i would be great company sailing down the amazon, as well as good for suitable comic relief. alas, like most men i find strangely alluring you choose to ignore me.

okay, i am pathetic. bill bryson is never actually going to read the reviews i write and i will never meet him. it's time for me to live in the real world. this book was great. i read it more quickly than any previous volume by bill. i think i'll start referring to him by his first name only, as if we're close and intimate friends. some people have crushes on gwen stefani and call her just crush is on bill. okay, back to the book. he and his friend stephen katz hike the appalachian trail. there are embarrassing incidents, horrific near-death experiences and a wealth of information about the woodlands of the eastern united states. all very interesting. so much so that i dug out some maps and brochures i have from the pennsylvania park service. a couple of summers ago i wrote to the pa department of parks, and of alberta, canada (my dream vacation is to the canadian rockies) to ask for trip planners. i think i'd like to head out to western pa soon to do some hiking and camping. my parents, in addition to taking us to tacky tourist traps, took us camping all the time growing up. sadly, it's not something i have made time for recently. that must change.

so this was quite interesting. i read it at the perfect time of year: the start of autumn. this is my favorite season. i love looking at the sky when it is so blue it hurts your eyes, and when the clouds are dark and gray promises of rain...the gray against the brilliant hues of the trees makes me shiver with delight and think wow, how fortunate i am to behold all of this. i like feeling a slight chill in the air, holding hot drinks in my hands, wearing comforting sweaters and trusty boots. some people who have read this book have commented, in a derogatory way, about bill's agenda. if he has any, it's to make his readership aware how lucky we are to have such a vast landscape of breath-taking nature at our very fingertips...and how all too quickly and easily it is slipping away. why, in evangelical circles, is desiring to be good stewards of the earth and voting green on par with being pro-choice, supporting john kerry and being a crazy sinning liberal? maybe that's unkind and harsh, yet it never ceases to amaze me that people who claim to love god and care about his people have so little regard for the incredible world he has made and contempt for those who would work to save it. i want that too to change. god's creation is beautiful....let's honor him by our responsiblity and pointing others to the great creator.

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