Sunday, October 01, 2006


Book 54: Death of A Dustman

Why do i read these books? Well, I'll tell you why. I go to my safe place, the Stow Munroe-Falls Public Library, and I think about how much I would like to be sitting in a nice and cozy english pub, drinking beer and chatting with the colorful locals. then i remember that i don't like capitalizing anything while typing, that i live in northeast ohio where there aren't cozy pubs and the locals, while colorful, aren't usually up for talking with strangers. so i wander back the mystery section and pick up another hamish macbeth mystery, because i really can't find any other good ones. this one was the same as always, minus the pathetic and whiny female character. it was okay, as usual, and fast, as usual. as some slightly unhelpful commenters keep reminding me, i only have three months of this challenge left and 44 more books to read. you read that correctly; i'm going to post about three books in a row.

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