Monday, October 09, 2006


#50: The Weight of Your Words

Well, I actually made it halfway to 100. I realize that the year is well over half over but I'm happy with 50 books as of Oct. 9th. I decided if I only read 52 books this year I'll be happy because that's one book a week.

This last book I finished called The Weight of Your Words by Joseph Stowell was just ok. I was challenged by it but not always engaged in reading it. Stowell begins the book with a few chapters addressing the problems we have with our tongues including things like deceit, lying, gossip, slander, boasting, and contentious words. It was challenging to think about watching my words more carefully. Then the second half of the book he addressed the heart behind our sinful words by writing about pride and anger. The last chapters seemed to be more practical advice in conflict management. Stowell included several references to scripture which I found very encouraging. I don't know if I would recommend this book, but the concepts in it are great so it doesn't hurt to read it. Stowell actually included discussion questions at the end of every chapter so it might be a good book to go through in a Bible study or small group.

way to go anne! you are halfway there. it should be downhill from here. have you read the lemony snicket books? i keep thinking i will, as they should be easy reads. later
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