Monday, October 09, 2006


#49: Girl Meets God

Girl Meets God by Lauren Winner was an excellent book. Winner is the daughter or a Jewish father and a Southern Baptist mother. When her parents were married they decided to raise their children Jewish. Despite the fact that her parents were divorced when she was a child, Winner's mother decided to keep sending her children to the Jewish synagogue. Partially because of the Jewish influences of her childhood Winner decided to become and Orthodox Jew. After studying under a rabbi and becoming well educated in the laws of Judaism, Winner felt a pull from God and started on the road to becoming a Christian.

In the book Girl Meets God, Winner takes the reader through a year in her life as a Christian. She shares her story of converting from Judaism to Christianity and educates the reader on many Jewish customs and rituals. Winner is very well read and educated and her hunger for learning is evident in this book. It is clear that her relationship with Jesus is very personal. She is open about sharing her struggles and trials with being a Christian. It was a refreshing story that was real and challenging.

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