Friday, September 22, 2006


Book 53: God

i know, i know. i have not been reading as i ought. this is partly due to the fact that i know have cable tv and am often taken hostage, against my will, by vh1 countdowns. i recently was forced to relive my junior high and high school years, in the form of i love the 90s. it was pretty awesome. but i will start reading fervently soon. i'm also a bit sad, as i just don't love any of the books i'm reading. i want to get sucked in and have the wonderful feeling of anticipation...i keep hearing despite its length, atlas shrugged is engaging. perhaps will try it.

this book, by bill bright, the founder of the organization for which i work, was easy to read and yet very good. he is not like many christian authors, who kind of bend scripture to make their points and have only the vaguest biblical grounding for their theses. he sticks to the simple and yet amazing truths of who god is. i liked how each chapter dealt with an attribute of god and then had a page for life application. the first application was usually something about meditating on the truths and allowing them to change our hearts. i liked that. and it was so easy to read! now, only 47 more.

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