Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Book 52: The Other Boleyn Girl

this was yet another 600+ page book i chose to read this year. these are foolish choices. this book, as well as other such historical fiction novels by this author, are everywhere. so i decided to check this one out. it chronicles the relationship between mary boleyn and her infamous sister, anne. mary tells the story of her rise to power as king henry viii's mistress and then her fall as her cunning and beautiful rival, her sister anne, ensnared henry to become his second queen. i suppose it was interesting, as it is a period of history i generally enjoy. however popular she might be, i don't think phillippa gregory is a terrific writer. her style is fairly straightforward and easy to read, if a little dull. i suppose she had a lot of ground to cover in the 15 years of our story, but there was little characterization or description. this is how it felt: "we did this and then he said that. and then this happened and it was nice. and then that happened. and then this." and so on and so forth. for such a thick book, it was quite easy to read, and so not bad. i'm not sure if i will read another. they are somewhat vacuous reading, and i think i've had enough of that. will move on to bigger and better things, hopefully. i have been quite lazy and undisciplined in most areas of my life the past month, not least to say in my choices of ridiculous reading material. Drat! I hate when they have those funny arrows telling us to look inside the book. oh well. i suppose that's better than no visual aid at all.

yeah, this isn't the most efficient way to get through 100 books in a year, especially considering you have 48 more to read in the next 3.5 months. what WILL you do? i figured i that since i haven't read your e-life in a while i'd better get back into the swing of things, and i must say i'm a bit disappointed to see only "book 52". not to be a downer or anything...
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