Saturday, September 02, 2006


Book 47: Made In America

I just cannot get enough of Bill Bryson. Speaking of which, Bill, why have you not responded to my pleas for your attention? You apparently don't read this blog, nor do you care that your biggest fan is feeling a bit snubbed. Anyhoo, this book, like all his others, was great. It's all about the English language we Americans speak. I learned all sorts of useful tidbits about where we get certain expressions, which phrases are actually quite old that we still employ and have died out in England (such as "fall" for autumn), and some lovely historical facts. Not only does Bill take us on the journey of the making of American English, he also gives insight into the icons of our culture that spawned our phrases, idioms, etc. It was very interesting. I am going to start one called Mother Tongue, that's about English in general. A very good, entertaining and informative read. I am also excited about his forthcoming book, a memoir titled in a suitably ridiculous fashion, Thunderbolt Kid, or something like that.

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