Thursday, August 10, 2006


Book 46: Azur Like It

This book is one of several author Wendy Holden has written about the forlorn in England. I read a couple of them several years ago, as they are good and silly fluff reads. Basically these are less funny Bridget Jones knock offs. This one is about Kate, a frustrated reporter working for some local newspaper in the north of England, living with her parents and dreaming about getting away. She of course meets a gorgeous yet totally unsuitable young man, a complete cad, and they set off for the south of France. He's using her, she finds out and is left heartbroken. Making the best of things, Kate finds several jobs, a French love interest, some crime and drama and some good friends. They turn around an ailing restaurant-cafe, catch some bad guys and all fall in love. So very silly, somewhat witty though not as much as I would like. It is exactly what I would like to do with my own life: leave the barren wasteland in which I currently reside and set up a cafe or bar in the sunny south of France. We'll see how that goes. Azur Like It was easy summer read.

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