Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Book 44: Of Mice And Men

My second John Steinbeck book this year. I find his books tragic, depressing and strangely wonderful. He has a pleasant style of writing, and sitting on my porch today, the summer breeze blowing, I rather felt that I was in the Salinas Valley. So perhaps most of you read this book in high school; the tale of Lennie and George, their friendship and misfortune. Every single character seems to be trapped; George by his responsibility of caring for Lennie, Crooks by racial prejudice, Candy by poverty and old age, Curley's wife by gender roles and a bad husband. You can tell that this is written from desparate circumstances, at a time in American history when most people were experiencing the hopelessness of the Great Depression. And yet it seems somewhat American in that we choose to go on, the characters rationalize their actions, press on in the face of the consequences, and continue to dream the American dream. Lennie and George had a dream of a farm. Lennie actually believes it can come true; George is the more cynical and yet he continues to make the plans he knows he'll never see come to fruition. A sad story, and I don't have anything particulary deep to say about it, but i enjoyed this one. AGAIN am experiencing technical difficulties and can't post a picture. will try later. how vexing.

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