Thursday, August 03, 2006


Book 42: Agatha Raisin and The Murderous Marriage

am feeling a little inadequate in my reading in that i don't read much that's all that great. i haven't, like anne, been reading missionary biographies or anything much except for fluff mysteries. and here's another one. but oh well. i like them and can read them in an afternoon. so anyhoo, this is also by mc beaton, and i read it quickly. this sleuth is, wait for it, agatha raisin. she's pathetic, so much so that i couldn't stand her. she always "says things gloomily" and is trying to get some stupid guy to marry her. he's a total bastard and she has no self-respect for sticking with him. but they do manage to solve the mystery of her estranged husband together. it wasn't great and i probably won't read any more agatha raisin books. i'm not sure i'll read more mc beaton. must find something slightly more intriguing and intellectual. well, maybe next week. Drat! can't upload the stupid picture.

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