Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Book 41: Death Of A Gossip

i started this book last night, read for about thirty minutes and then finished it by the pool this afternoon. i was only at the pool for an hour due to the sweltering heat, and i'm one who likes hot humid weather. i would go for swim and instantly, upon getting out of the water, i would sweat profusely. it was ridiculous. i wonder what the heat index and such was. it felt like a million. so this is one in a series my mom enjoys...hamish macbeth is the village constable in the scottish highlands and while loafing about and not taxing my brain he solved the murder of a nasty gossip columnist on holiday. it was okay. i'll probably read more by this author, m.c. beaton, because they are so easy and i need to get my numbers up. i have one about another sleuth of his that i'll start tonight.

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