Tuesday, August 08, 2006


#40: Candy and Me

Yum candy! As I was at the library looking at cookbooks, although I'm not entirely sure why I was doing that since I have no clue what 75% of the ingredients in cookbooks are, I found the book Candy and Me: A Love Story by Hilary Liftin. I was intrigued because every chapter is titled a different candy name and seemed to be a detailed account of Hilary's love of candy. If you have ever been to my house I'm sure you have noticed or taken advantage of the candy bowl. Many people ask how I can have a candy bowl that is always full and not eat all the candy. The answer to that question is I do eat it, I just have lots of candy in my cupboard so I can always refill. I don't even want to think about the amount of money I've spent on my candy bowl. But it is worth it if only for the joy on people's faces (including my own) as they are devouring my candy. When I was a young child I daydreamed about having a house made of candy that always replenished itself. Most little girls want a pony. There are only 2 things in this world I will eat on a full stomach and they are McDonald's and candy.

So about the book. It is a story of Hilary's life from childhood through present time. She tells the story of her life revolving around candy humorously incorporating the type she liked at the time, where she bought her candy, and what kinds of candy her friends liked. It reminded me of the book Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby because in that book he told his life story based on what was happening with the soccer team that he was a huge fan. My favorite chapter in Candy and Me is titled Trix. It goes like this..."'In 1954, Trix breakfast cereal was introduced by General Mills. The new cereal a huge hit with kids was 46.6 percent sugar.' ~UselessKnowledge.com. I loved Trix." That was the chapter and it resonated with my heart because I love sugar cereal. Cute book but maybe not worth everyone's time and energy to read.

yummy. so i think you should put another link to another blog. julia has started one, complete with pictures and randomness. it's actually quite funny, especially her tagline of "when things get to be normal, you need some craziness." dinosweetums.blogspot.com
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