Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Book 38: Singled Out For Him

so i kind of rolled my eyes when my project director pulled out this book for we staff women to read this summer, but i actually enjoyed it. we were all single this summer, with the exception of one couple, and so this seemed an appropriate book. as a group we only discussed several chapters, but i finished the rest in about five minutes. nancy leigh demoss writes about the challenges and joys of singlehood and how to best use them for god's glory. as a single woman who works for a large missionary organization, i kind of get tired of talking about being single. especially since i work with college students and reassure them that the right man will come and i'm not really a total freak due to the fact that i'm 27 and single. well, i might have to amend that because i am rather odd, but it can make me roll my eyes at times. anyhoo, i liked this book because it was a super easy read, and she made some good points. one of her chapters was about being committed to relating to families. sometimes i think i do all too easily isolate myself from people who are not in my stage of life. another was about giving extravagantly because i do have more time than a wife or mom, one was about trusting god with unfulfilled longings. we have those no matter who we are. so this was good, and like i said, could be read in about 15 minutes.

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