Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Book 36: The Perfect Summer

Hm, it actually turned out to be the not so perfect summer, in my opinion. this was the first time i've read a book by Luanne Rice. It was not bad. a friend gave this to me to read on the beach. yesterday i spent long hours at the pool and read three-fourths of this book. it's not what i would usually read, but it was a pleasant read and went quickly. the story is about people who grew up on the coast of connecticut and are beach people. Bay (what a silly name) is a mother of three and wife of handsome playboy banker. oh, they're all of irish descent, so there's an awful lot of pride in irish working class roots among these folks. a bit too much, if you ask me, which, by reading this, you are. anyhoo, sean goes missing, which leads bay to discover that he wasn't changing his ways as he said he would. in fact, he was quite a lot worse, a total cad, even. through the course of an fbi investigation, bay is reunited with an old flame, danny, who is a carpenter poet. see above comment on too much about sentimental irish-ness. i won't tell you what happens, but i was intrigued and pleasantly surprised by the mystery aspect of the book. i do like a good mystery. again, this was quite a pleasant book, very easy to read, perfect for summer. so maybe the title wasn't completely off.

i did like that it was about beach people. after almost eight weeks in wildwood, new jersey, i am back at home with my parents outside philadelphia. i love being near the water, going to the beach and looking out across the great emptiness that is the sea. i like the smell of the sea air, eating fresh seafood and generally the summertime. it makes me think i should work harder at trying to move to the coast. northeast ohio, in comparison, is pretty awful. i am watching "master and commander" as i write this review, and that makes me want to be near the ocean and travel on it as well. i love the idea of sailing to the end of the world and into the unknown, looking for exotic places, new people and adventure. that must be why my favorite narnia book is "voyage of the dawn treader." hm, these poetic musings have very little to do with the book, except that the beach makes me think on such things.

i don't need the ocean because i have a paradise lagoon kiddie pool in my backyard.
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