Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Book 31: Notes From A Small Island

Well, after such a positive experience i wasn't sure i was ready to delve again into the world of bill bryson just yet. not that i could ever tire of reading him, just that he caused me to so love australia i didn't think i was emotionally ready to love another country in that way. but here in wildwood i found this great bookshop run by a crazy irishman that had every one of his books. so i bought this, since i've been to england, i enjoy england, and would appreciate being enlightened by his comments. so i read this one. a friend just bought me two more of his, one about the development of the American English language and one about returning to the States after twenty years in Britain.

So on to the book. very funny. however, not as riotous as the one about australia. i would prefer to believe that this is simply because australia is a vastly superior place. but england seemed merry, jolly and all that. he wrote just as he and his family were about to leave to move back to the united states, and this journey was one last survey of the country he had grown to love. we went from dover to london to the west country to leed and liverpool to yorkshire and up into scotland. he did make the observation, and i got the impression, that most british towns are extremely similar, and most britons love to tell you multiple ways to drive just about anywhere. he also made mention of the habit of "walking" as an extreme sport, reserved middle aged women who rule their bed and breakfasts with an iron fist, the penchant for predicting the weather as dry and warm with some cool and rainy spells, his dislike for sand and of course, the copious amounts of beer he consumes at nearly every village pub upon which he comes. it was a delightful read and i would readily recommend it. i look forward to updating you on the net couple of books i will read. sadly, i didn't bring the book with me to the computer so i can't really type you out any of the more humorous quotations. sorry.

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