Monday, June 26, 2006


#32: The Berlin Conspiracy

A completely fiction story set in the middle of completely true events, The Berlin Conspiracy by Tom Gabbay is a gripping novel that I literally could not put down. I usually babysit on Monday afternoons and fortunately this week it got moved to Tuesday because I could do nothing but read this book all afternoon.

The Berlin Conspiracy is set in June of 1963 in Berlin. Jack Teller, a retired CIA agent, is called to the scene and given important intelligence that could expose dangerous plots within the U.S. government that seem to be spinning out of control. Jack’s fiery personality, the well developed characters, and suspenseful plotline makes every page better than the last. Set in the middle of the cold war during President Kennedy’s historic visit to Berlin, a divided city, the espionage and plot twists are enthralling. This book was great!

Two other awesome things I enjoyed about this book are…

  1. The big day that President Kennedy visited Berlin and gave his famous speech was on June 26, 1963 and today is June 26th. I didn’t make that connection until just now. What a perfect day to read the book.
  2. I was able to visit Berlin during the time I lived in Germany so it was easy to visualize the story taking place in the famous city.

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