Tuesday, June 20, 2006


#30: Confronting the Controversies

Confronting the Controversies: Biblical Perspectives on Tough Issues is a book that I have been reading for the past few months for my small group at Quest. We read a chapter every other week and then discuss the content during small group. This book has given us a great deal to discuss and hopefully even more to consider about how our faith relates to critical issues. I found this book because my mom read it with her Bible study last fall and gave it to me to read after they were finished. Because she really enjoyed it and because our small group seemed to be interested in the issues we decided we would also go through the book.

The author Adam Hamilton is a pastor and preached a series of sermons on the issues in the book (separation of church and state, evolution, the death penalty, euthanasia, prayer in public schools, abortion, and homosexuality). So this book is the collection of those sermons. Hamilton’s goal in writing this book was to encourage Christians to think about these issues from a sound biblical and theological perspective. In my opinion, Hamilton did an excellent job of presenting major sides on all of the issues. Then using scripture and research Hamilton presented his own conclusions on the issues. While I didn’t always agree with his conclusions, Hamilton did leave every chapter pretty open to drawing your own conclusions. The book was well written and a good choice for our small group. Tonight we will be discussing the last chapter and then it’s on to new things.

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