Thursday, June 08, 2006


#26: Two Little Girls in Blue

Oh Mary Higgins Clark, you are such a great author! I decided while I was reading Two Little Girls in Blue that if I was asked the question, "If you could have lunch with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?," I would undoubtedly answer Mary Higgins Clark.

I thoroughly enjoyed her latest novel and it was worth waiting over a month for the library to have it available. Two Little Girls in Blue is a story of twin girls who were kidnapped and when only one of them was returned safely the search for the other. The mystery wasn't as suspenseful as some of Mary's previous novels but it was still fun to read. Just read Mary Higgins Clark books, they are great.

I love Mary Higgins Clark! I didn't know that she had a new one out! I probably won't get to read it here at the shore, but I'll have my mom ask for it at our library. I agree, Anne, her books are such a good and easy read. And so formulaic, yet suspenseful. Almost the same thing happens everytime, but I still can't guess who did it. Bravo. That will have to be another one that we read together.
This book wasn't quite as formulaic as most of her others. I think that's why I like some of her other books better. But again, it was wonderful.

Hope you enjoyed the opening game of the World Cup! Go Germany!
yes anne, i did enjoy the game. we watched it at a bar and grill with quite possibly the best chicken salad ever! today i actually got up early to work out so i could catch the first hour of the england/paraguay game. keep on reading!
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