Monday, June 05, 2006


#25: Daring to Dance with God

I think book number 25 is worth noting, because now I am 25% of the way done with my years goal. Unfortuantely, the year is 42.5% over. The good news is I do have 11.5 weeks of summer to get some significant amounts of reading done. I figured out this morning if I read 50 books in the next 11.5 weeks (about 4.3 books a week) then I might be able to reach my goal. That does leave me with only 4 months to accomplish reading the last 25 books but I think with the intensity of the end of the year I can read a little faster than I did for the last 5 months. With all that said, I wonder if I will even come close to the goal.

So about Daring to Dance with God by Jeff Walling...Jeff Walling, the author, is a preacher somewhere in California and challenges the reader through scriptures and stories to encounter God's love by stepping into his embrace and dancing with him. Walling starts the book by outlining the five steps every dancer should know and I thought that this section was the best section. In case you're curious the five steps are letting go, taking God's hand, following God's lead, choosing to rejoice, and seeing the invisible. The next section of the book, which I'll admit I found slightly boring and hard to focus on, addressed the diseases that stop us from dancing such as overworking, cowardice and legalism. While I think these diseases are valid and important to pray that my brothers and sisters in Christ and I don't get, I was not into the way Walling presented them. Let me just list the chapter titles... Bethesda Blight, Marthaplexy, Simonosis, Nazaritis, and Michalepsy. And finally, Walling concludes with a few chapters on dancing in the painful times. So my overall evaluation is the premise of this book is good, but I just didn't enjoy the presentation.

so, sounds a little sappy and i can see how you wouldn't enjoy the presentation. anne, this was a very helpful review and i don't think i'll read on it based on your thoughtful comments.
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