Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Book 24: East of Eden

i'm not going to write about hugs. Yuck. one of our regular readers commented on the lack of posts recently. I agree and apologize. These past couple of weeks have been surprisingly busy for me, and LOST tends to suck out all my emotions, thus paralyzing my reading ability. I have to sit and think about it forever. Okay that was nonsense. I will, in my defense, say that I am reading some pretty lengthy works here. This last one by John Steinbeck, was 601 pages. That's at least the 5th book this year that has been over 500. I'm currently reading the Dark Tower IV, somewhere in the neighborhood of 700. These are poor decsions on my part.

But on to the book. An enduring classic, and I can see why. I wasn't wild about the story: Adam Trask and his two sons Cal and Aron lliving in the Salinas Valley of California. It's a sweeping family saga, dealing with their relationships and internal demons. I can see why Steinbeck is such a beloved author; despite my lack of interest in the story I continued to read, drawn in by his storytelling and language. The last 50 pages were rough; I read them while watching movie trailers on the apple quicktime site. It's almost the retelling of the Cain and Abel story through two generations, almost. Here I sympathized with Cal, who is the more evil of the two sons. He is driven to destruction because he longs for love. Aron is the more innocent and beautiful of the twins and so he is cared for by all while Cal fends for himself. It was an interesting book, am glad I read it and am glad I'm finished with it. East of Eden received a squiggle from me.

Well, I used to want to read that book but now I'm not entirely sure it sounds worth it.

I checked out a book called Cold Beer and Crocodiles from the library yesterday. It's the story of a man's journey around Australia's perimeter by bicycle. I also checked out the movie Kangaroo Jack! I'm going to try to watch it 3 times this weekend:)
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