Saturday, April 29, 2006


Book 22: Captain Alatriste

I love going to the movies. i went last night with a couple of friends to a dollar theater and we were almost the only people there. i like that because then you can be obnoxious in public without feeling too guilty. that's another thing i enjoy doing: making a scene. but only with certain people. my friend katrina, with whom i saw "nanny mcphee" last night, is one of those people. tonight i'm going the drive-in. i haven't been to one of those in years...we're going to see horror movies. i hope they are good. am not sure why am writing about all this. guess i'm trying to spice up my posts with more interesting news. don't have any.

arturo perez-reverte is one of my favorite authors. i would recommend making his books into movies, particularly this one. all you producers and famous actors reading this, take note. actually, his book "the club dumas" was made into "the ninth gate" with johnny depp. good book, good movie. anyhoo, his books are always suspenseful. they usually have a theme, this one being courtly poetry and drama. we enter into our story in the first quarter of the seventeenth century in madrid. captain alatriste is a former soldier who now makes his living as a sword for hire. he's a good man, in spite of the fact that he is a sometime assassin. he is possessing of some scruples, those interfering with a job, bringing about our novel's main conflict. our narrator is the young inigo, the son of alatriste's fallen comrade in arms. this was the first book in a series of five, and one does get the sense that this is mainly prepatory for future adventures. we meet our protagonists, of course, his friends who are sometimes poets, sometimes lords of the realm, sometimes swordsmen defending themselves from angry husbands. in this installment alatriste makes an enemy, the private secretary to the king of spain- luis something (they all have really long names i can't remember). it was just a fun read, and a quick one as well. there's lots of fighting, court intrigue and revenge. there's even a little bit of romance, a first love for inigo. she's a heartless bitch, even at the age of 12. we'll see what happens in the next book. i gave this one a smiley. all of perez-reverte's books are good. my two favorites are "the flanders panel" and "the club dumas." but read them all.

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