Sunday, April 23, 2006


Book 21: The Maltese Falcon

My last book, "The Brush-Off", motivated me to read some classic crime novels. So I picked this one up at, well, you know where, the library. I was in the mood for a world-weary main character, someone who doesn't waste time or words, someone you could realistically call a "gumshoe." Sam Spade is definitely that. He's got enemies and a slightly oily way of talking. Years ago, probably in high school, I saw this movie and so I couldn't picture Spade as anyone else but Humphrey Bogart. He fit that character nicely, I think. So anyway, this was a fairly good book, if a little confusing. There are several characters who are similar to each other, and I found it difficult to keep them straight. Also I took some allergy medcine before bed several nights this week, and so am unsure if I completely comprehended some of the pages I read. Oh well. A good read. Lately my posts have been quite dull, I'll admit. Maybe my next book will be more interesting, or it will remind me of some funny stories I could tell you. Now I need to hobble downstairs and keep reading book 22. I ran a ten mile race yesterday, and am finding it somewhat difficult to go down steps, or bend at all, for that matter. Ridiculous.

Good work on the 10 mile race. What's with the tiny picture?
where do you get the pics of the covers, do you have to scan and upload them on this sight?

I think you should read "Speak" by Laurie Halse Anderson. it's a YA read, so pretty easy i'm told, though i think is about a high school girl who gets raped. I haven't read it yet, but am going to.

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