Sunday, April 16, 2006


Book 20: The Brush-Off

this book by shane maloney was very enjoyable. i found it in the mystery section; i do hope that others by this australian author will be surfacing at my library soon. murry whelan is an advisor for the minister of arts in melbourne. though he's not a detective in the typical murder mystery way, he does embark upon a series of adventures in his line of work: suspicious death, art forgeries, corporate fraud and most notably, getting stuck in an octopus-on-stilts costume. that part was hilarious. from reading the book jacket, i wasn't sure that i would like this book. i love the genre mystery complete with grisly murder, brilliant detective, dodgy suspects and so on and so forth. i read agatha christie and the like with great relish. this was not the usual mysterious affair; it was much more about the political realm and the "crime" that goes on behind the scenes. murray, despite his unfortunate name, was an extremely likeable character. he reminds me of the 1940's gumshoe, somewhat hard-boiled with a nose for trouble and softspot for the ladies. as am on this australia kick, i sought out just such an author. it makes me want to visit melbourne and see all the places maloney described. murray goes out into the bush a couple of times, and so i figure the city must not be too far from such remote places, complete with snake incidents. pretty cool. so this was a good read, smiley face, i'll look for another murray whelan novel. the author's info said he's at work on the next one. this has made me want to read some sam spade stories. must hit the library tomorrow!


You have got to start watching golf. Today while celebrating Easter with my family my dad was watching golf and in a half interested manner I watched to see who won. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the winner was Australian. His name is Aaron Baddeley. He seemed really cool. I think I'm going to follow his golfing progress this year.

Also, you've got to read Flabbergasted and the two books that follow it. The 3rd book is called Lost in Rooville and its all about adventures in Australia.
J to the erusha!
I can't believe I'm reading blogs now. Next thing you know I'll be stalking people on myspace and facebook....wait i already do that...oops. You better hurry up though only got 8 months left, and 80 to go! GO GO GO!
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