Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Book 18: A Farewell To Arms

am motoring along with my books. am pleased to announce that i'm almost finished another, you doubting thomases. i anticipate reading quite a bit over the summer, so i will catch up, eventually. figured i should continue to read more of the classics. i like ernest hemingway. i especially like the idea of him- world traveler, adventurer and brilliant artist. i would like to aspire to such heights of genius. so i think i enjoyed this book. reading hemingway is always a bit depressing. in spite of his spectacular description of the italian countryside and the battles of world war one, there is gloom on every page. and with good reason, i suppose. the reader is thrown into a world of terrible uncertainty. catherine and frederick, our main characters, are ridiculously insecure. "oh darling, do you still love me? i'm such a wretched wife! you'll probably abandon me once i get fat!" most of the dialogue proceeds in that vein. however, both of them have watched the civilized world, or what they thought was civilized, crumble around them, proving that nothing is secure, nothing lasts forever. in the absence of order and sanity around them, they look towards others to find that sense of stability, oftentimes to see that hope die with their friend. it's an awful thing, to see everyone around you perish. i wouldn't know, but i can't imagine what kind of outlook on life such life experiences would produce. what is hemingway's final thesis? am not quite sure. it would seem that he is saying nothing is reliable, only the self. inevitably all else fails and things generally end badly, all the time. sad. i gave this book a smiley face.

I need to quit my job so I can read more. I am falling behind. I'm kind of bummed I agreed to work 20 hrs a week this summer. What a waste of good reading time. But I guess I will be getting paid. I should be done with my current book tomorrow but I won't have any time to read until then. But then I have the weekend.
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