Monday, April 03, 2006


Book 15: The Big Bad Wolf

For those of you who don't remember, let me review my rating system. Ever since i can remember, well, not that long but for a while, i have kept a list of all the books i read in a year and rate them. there are four possibilities: a star, a smile, a squiggle and a dot. the star says "excellent book. if you don't want to be a total philistine, you simply must read it!" smile means "this was good. an enjoyable read, interesting and i would recommend." squiggle isn't bad, it just says "this was okay. i feel kind of ambivalent." then the dot. that is to mean "this book was not very good, i wasted my time and my eyeball power struggling not to fall asleep while reading. don't bother." so that's the system. i realize five ratings might be a more balanced approach, as there is some large disparity between "okay" and "dreadful", but i still can't think of an inbetween choice. bummer.

so, i read my first james patterson novel. i love mysteries and easy reads, so i was not disappointed. it was fast-paced and suspenseful. i am not sure it was his best, but then again, how do i know? the subject was a little disconcerting. now most books about murder are, but this one more so. it was about people being kidnapped and sold as sex slaves. somehow i didn't want to know, but it didn't mention that on the jacket flap. creepy. sadly, there wasn't much resolution at the end of the book; a feature that i liked and disliked. of course i want closure, and yet patterson didn't give us the typical happy ending. that he left our tale open-ended was enjoyable too. things in life aren't always neat and tidy; the story reflected this. so i gave this book a squiggle. okay, good fast read, nothing mind-blowing.

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