Saturday, April 01, 2006


Book 14: The Hottest State

so i found this at the library. it's by ethan hawke, the actor. i usually enjoy his movies, so i picked it up. ARRGGGHHH. this book was just dumb. we follow william, a young actor in new york city as he loafs and sleeps his way through life and women. i suppose this could be a coming of age story as we watch him learn about love and heartbreak, but i found it to be unoriginal and tiresome. it seems that there are plenty of movies and books out there about people my age-ish who are finding themselves, yet rarely do they truly have anything to say. i'm not sure i want to be inside william's head as he whines about the girl he can't have. probably because my own life is sad and pathetic enough: i work all the time, don't get asked out on dates and live in northeastern Ohio, for heaven's sake. i think i would rather escape into a fantasy land filled with magic and adventure rather than be confronted with my own inablitiy to take charge of my life. but maybe that's just what hawke intended; to cause us to examine our own shortcomings and disappointments and then do something productive about them. but don't bother. it was dull and i gave it a dot. the lowest one. sorry.

a dot? like... the nasty chewy candy that gets stuck in your molar and makes you get your fingers all slimy trying to pick it out when you think no one's looking? that's just mean. the book must really suck.

so i was crunching some numbers this morning, and i realized that 100 books in a year is, like, 2 per week. that's crazy talk. but then i remembered that my friend dan ( is currently averaging a book a week while maintaining a 4-point in college. so... you'd better get on the ball.
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