Wednesday, April 26, 2006


#19: The unGuide to Dating

I don't know why but I'm kind of embarrassed that I read this book. I have to post about it though because I need every book to help me reach my goal! I've realized over the past month or so that I have a real problem with admitting to people that I have a desire to date, get married and eventually have a family someday. I would pin that difficulty to 2 different reasons...1. I don't want to seem discontent with my life as a single, because I really do love what God has for me right now in life. But, I know if I wasn't single I would love what God had for me at that point in my life too. and 2. What if God doesn't answer my prayers about my desire to have a family someday. I convince myself that if I don't admit that desire I will feel better if things stay the same.

Anyway, with that background I will admitted I really enjoyed reading The unGuide to Dating by Camerin Courtney and Todd Hertz. The authors are both single Christians who have experienced life as a single adult. They didn't get married right out of college or marry the person they were dating in college so it was refreshing to hear their perspectives and experiences with dating. They understand! They addressed topics such as gender roles, men in the church, internet dating, matchmaking, body image, biological clocks, sexual temptation, intergender friendships, and break-ups. All of these topics are addressed from the adult perspective with wit, vulnerability, and wisdom. Throw away I Kissed Dating Goodbye or any other Christian dating book written for 16-20 years olds and pick this book up. I would definitely reccomend this book to guys and girls alike. I do understand more girls will read these types of books, but guys give it a shot too.

author recommendation for you: p.d. james. she writes english murder mysteries, and i'm enjoying mine. you are smoking me on useful books. i don't read anything practical.
A+ on being vulnerable!!!!
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