Monday, April 24, 2006


#18: The Servant Leader

I almost counted this book as #18 and #19 because I read it twice. But I realized the book had lots of pictures and pages that consisted of only one quote or Bible verse so reading it twice should be what it takes for it to count as one book. So here it is book #18. Side note, I really have got to stop doing anything but reading to be able to reach my goal by the end of the year.

The Servant Leader by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges was recommended/loaned to me by a friend who thought it would encourage me with some things I was struggling with. So, I started reading the book right away. What the authors achieved was they gave me some practical things to focus on and think about in areas where I am leading people. I guess I wouldn't always say that I am a leader, but I would say that I desire to be one. I guess the reality that I do have an influence over people, whether at my job or my church, was enough to convince me I need to consider the concepts mentioned in the book. It would be a disservice to other's growth to not try to better my leadership skills, because leading people as a servant leader can be of great benefit to those I am influencing. Being an active member of the local 4-H club growing up, I was quickly engaged in the authors 4 H's (heart, head, hands, and habits) in our lives that need to be transformed to be a true servant leader. The book comes with a great deal of practical advice and encouragement that I enjoyed and hope I can apply in my life.

did i ever tell you i did 4-H growing up? not cows or anything like the have in eeelenwaah, but seeing eye dogs. it's like we were meant to both be obsessed with books and australia.
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