Thursday, April 06, 2006


#15: Cell

Not being a fan of the horror-flick and as I found out this week not being a fan of then horror-novel, I didn't really enjoy the book Cell by Stephen King. This book was the 2nd book of the year that was recommended to me by a student so I figured I should give it a read. The premise of the novel is that a terrorist, or something, sent a devastating, chaos ensuing pulse through cell phones all over the world. Those who had cell phones became phone-crazies. Those who did not or were fortunate enough not to use their phone were normies. The majority of the book was a lot of walking/hiking, telepathy, violence and gore all mixed into one weird story of survival.

With characters like Raggedy Man, phoners, phone-crazies, normies, Gunner, and many other crazy names, I often felt like a crazy person myself while reading this book because it was so weird. I don' t know how to judge a horror book, so if you are fan of them maybe you would like this book. But for me, I'm not sure I want to read a Stephen King book again.

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