Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Book 13: Ella Enchanted

This needs to be a quick post, as i must leave the library in time to get home for Lost. i missed last week and still haven't seen it, and i'm not about to miss two in a row. the horror. anyhoo, i read "Ella Enchanted" because when i was living at home my youngest sister, who is only now 13, and i would go to the movies once a week. we liked this one; it's kind of like a live-action Shrek. so i read the book today. actually, started last night but it only took two sittings. it was cute. not exactly like the movie; the book more closely resembled the actual cinderella story. it's amazing how many times we can rewrite it. i read "The Ugly Stepsister" in college, another twist on cinderella. so this was cute, i'd recommend it as a quick and un-taxing read. it's written for children and yet intriguing enough for adults. at least i like to think so. i can be quite juvenile at times, i'll admit. ella received a smiley face on my book list. now, off to lost. drat, the library won't let me put in a picture. there are downsides to the akron library. will do so from somewhere else tomorrow.

I am reading (and recommend the following):
- Resurrection by Tolstoy
- Hebrews
- Pilgrim's Regress by Lewis
- The Quran
- A Careful and Strict Inquiry into the Modern Prevailing Notions of the Freedom of the Will... (title goes on.. and on) - Jonathan Edwards
Notes from a Small Island - Bryson

just finished: fantasy and How to find a date worth keeping by Cloud
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