Monday, March 27, 2006


Book 11: Sin City #2: A Dame to Kill For

So i saw the movie "Sin City" a few months back. Gory, graphic, violent, yuck. I loved it. Am not sure why, but I did. So I decided to start reading the graphic novels upon which they are based. Like the movie, they are fairly harsh. Frank Miller only uses black and white, barely even any gray. On his covers and title pages there is a touch of red, drawing the reader's eyes to only a few details. the effect is like the content: somber in tone and somewhat visually jarring. This is the second installment of six or seven, and i just checked out number three last night.

i don't why i enjoyed this but i did. the frames are large, often only one or two per page. they aren't like what i imagined comics to be, with little tiny pictures and lots happening on every single page. i like miller's terse style. his characters say very little and yet each sentence is packed with emotion. his stories are about desperate people in desperate situations, brought on by their own sin and greed. and yet i find myself cheering for the hero of this installment, dwight, a typical anti-hero who does less thinking with his head than with other parts of his body, thereby getting himself into all sorts of messes. i feel kind of guilty for liking this series, as it seems sensationalist in the extreme. i do, however, think that we are seeing authors and artists more and more make their social commentary in more dramatic and violent ways. i gave this one another smiley. am not sure that i would recommend it....definitely good but not for everyone.

Please add Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" to your list, it is considered one of the greatest comic book stories ever published.

After you love it, you will want to read miller's "Batman: Year One", an equally brilliant work as well.

Avoid "The Dark Knight Strikes Again" at all costs.
Well, am ever so glad it didn't give you nightmares and a need to leave the door open at night. mwah.
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