Friday, March 24, 2006


#12: Don't Waste Your Life

I picked up Don't Waste Your Life at the library because the title was somehow funny to me. Also, I noticed the book was by John Piper and I always appreciate what he has to say about life. I did come up with a great idea though while I was talking about this book with someone. I accidentally called it Don't Waste My Life. Wouldn't it be funny if we all had our own book with that title and just handed it out to everyone we knew.

I was not disappointed in Piper's writing. The book was nicely organized and continued to challenge me more as I got more into it. Piper began discussing the idea that we need to be passionate about something, then challenged readers that it better be the cross that Christ died on. Only when we remember the cross will we be able to glorify Christ through all of our pain and suffering. Piper used the example of Paul's life and letters to argue we need to help others glorify God by taking risks, working, and seeing missions as the key places where we must boast in Christ and glorify God.

While I was reading this book I couldn't help but realize how much I stink at glorifying God in my daily life. I loved the chapter called "Making Much of Christ from 8 to 5" because it offered 6 ways to glorify God at work. I think I do some of these things some of the time, but I can't help but think how radically different my workday would be if I applied all of them all of the time.

The last chapter in Piper's book was about missions. I love missions. It is often hard for me because I'm not out in the front lines of missions to realize what an impact I can have on the lost people of this world. I know that I am doing what God wants me to do right now in my life and career but I am open to the idea of going overseas. I know that missions is a very real possibility in my life; just not right now. What can I be doing right now? Right now I can be praying for the lost people that need to be reached. I can love the people that God loves and allow God to break my heart for them. I will wrap things up here because this post is getting rather long. I hope that I can live a life that is glorifying to God. I hope that I can have the same attitude about life that Paul had (Philippians 1:20-30) so that when my life is over others will have seen the love of Christ in my life and I can say I didn't waste it, to live was Christ, and to die was Christ.

This book has one of the greatest titles ever conceived. When I first saw it, I told my wife the only possible improvement to "Don't Waste Your Life" would be to add a ",Punk" to the end.
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