Sunday, February 12, 2006


Walking to La Milpa

Book #7: Walking to La Milpa: Living in Guatemala with Armies, Demons, Abrazos, and Death was an interesting book written by Marcos McPeek Villatoro. Marcus grew up in America but his mother was from El Salvador. He felt a connection and a desire to spend time in Central America partly due to his ancestry. This book is a poetical documentation of the two years his family (wife and child) spent living in Guatemala.

It took me about half the 200 page book to actually get into the flow of Villatoro's writing style and once I did get into it I can't really say I enjoyed it. The book was filled with many stories that often abruptly moved from one to the next. Although he didn't write very much about his spiritual experiences, Villatoro was a lay missionary during his time in Guatemala. He more often addressed the tragedy, death, sickness, poverty, and fear that his friends and family dealt with on a daily basis. Although I was pretty much ready to be done with this book from the start, I did learn something about life in Guatemala and that made the read worthwhile. This book reminded me of something I would have found on a syllabus for one of my gen ed diversity type classes in college.

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