Friday, February 10, 2006


The Romanov Prophecy

Book #6: I finally finished my sixth book of the year. I didn't have a lot of reading time this week and that was really hard considering I never wanted to put this book down. The Romanov Prophecy by Steve Berry is an excellent story. The author involves American lawyers, a Russian woman, the Russian mafia, henchmen, gorillas, dogs, policemen, etc... and many plot twists to tell the story of the search for the truth about the lost family of the last Russian tsar. There is an element of history in the book that makes it very interesting and an even greater element of suspense that makes it hard to put down. I had to read ahead about 50 times. If you are looking for a suspense filled, action packed, edge of your seat, riveting read you will really like this book.

Wadup SuperAnne! I have neglected this blog for too long, so now you will probably never see this comment, but for those looking for a purely historical (but still awesome) book on the same subject, I would recommend The Last Tzar by Edvard Radzinsky. It goes through a lot of Nicholas' diary from when he was pretty young to the end of his life. It might not make your 100 books in '06, but keep it in mind for '07
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