Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Book 6: Female Chauvinist Pigs

So I can't remember why I read this book. Think I read a review in some magazine, and was intrigued. Being a member of the more conservative culture and working in the "religious" sphere, I often have ideas about modesty, sexuality, what have you that are not popular with mainstream culture or those who would describe themselves as more liberal. I was intrigued then when I saw that a young woman who has no interest in faith and would consider herself very liberal wrote a book about women being raunchy, and not in a good way. I also thought this might be a good resource for me, as I work with college women. The subtitle of this book is "Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture." It was easy to read, informative and sometimes really funny, in a cruelly sarcastic way. Her thesis is that with the waning tide of feminism, women are seeking to redefine themselves. This isn't through attempting to better themselves through education, seeking fulfilling careers and personal development, but through objectifying themselves, striving to be like men and defining themselves purely by their sexuality. Her complaint is that we are seeking to emulate porn stars; nothing is good unless it's sexy. And sexy has a distinct definition: look and act like Pamela Anderson. Be promiscuous, or at least act and dress as if you are. Be a modern liberated woman by embracing the raunch culture and acting like a man: go to strip joints, wear skimpy clothes, pole dance and have casual sex. Basically be exactly what men have always desired but because you are in on the joke it's now okay, it's now asserting yourself and your sexuality.

I agree with her: we are more than our sexuality, and even in that arena sexuality is more than breast implants and promiscuity. Am i even spelling these words right? As a Christian, I believe the Bible is right and good in telling us to flee from sexual immorality. When we sin sexually, we sin against our bodies and our hearts. Sex is good in the right context, and it is just so wrong the way our culture has embraced it. It makes it something commonplace, to pass the time, to brag about, to be in the "in crowd." It should be something that's beautiful, unique and private. It made me incredibly sad to read some interviews with women who are finding their numerous sexual encounters pointless, yet they feel compelled to continue because they have forgotten about the other parts of themselves, parts that God created as special and vital. I gave this book a smiley, and while it's interesting and thought-provoking I'm not sure I'd recommend it. It's a little graphic. So that was serious....now I need to read some Mary Higgins Clark.


ah ha! so, i'm now going to impart on you some of the things i enjoy, because, as you would say, "i like them, and i think everyone else should, too." sadly, i don't read like i used to, so my suggestions are limited. but anyways... some good books:
-atlas shrugged (ayn rand)
-it (stephen king)
-the stand (stephen king)
-surely mr. feynman, you must be joking! (richard feynman)
-hamlet (shakespeare)
-on the road (jack kerouac)
-calvin and hobbes (does this count? bill watterson is from chagrin falls!)
-more to come as i remember them...

and some good movies:
-i *heart* huckabees
-my date with drew

and why not music, too:
-anberlin (loud and fun and they do a cover of the cure's "love song")
-death cab for cutie
-coheed and cambria (loud and weird)
-bloc party (british rock, right-o)
-motion city soundtrack (loud and fun)
-diana krall (jazz!)

not to be a downer... but you need like, 94 more books in 10 months... that's like 2 or 2 and a half per week.
Thanks jason, thanks for being encouraging about my lack of reading. calvin and hobbes totally counts, but i've read them all multiple times, so i guess i can't blog about them.
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