Monday, February 13, 2006


Book 5: The Historian

This book was awesome. So far my favorite of the year. This is the best kind of made me want to travel and see the places it describes, made me want to do my own research and start reading books on the subject matter. But I am getting ahead of myself. "The Historian" has been on the best-seller list and in bookstore displays for awhile, so I decided to check it out. I was also a history major in college, and so something about historians is always intriguing. It's the story of a girl and her father, and the quest for the real Dracula. They travel all over Europe to the places he had lived and fought, to the ancient archives and libraries that had collected Dracula lore and to the villages of those affected by his legend. As I said, reading Kostova's beautifully descriptive language inspired me to go and see for myself the woods of Romania, the bustling streets of Istanbul and the gloomy crypts of Bulgarian monasteries. She portrayed research and the hunt for historical truth as an adventure and mystery, which is exactly what history is! Granted, during my studies I never went in search of blood-sucking vampires who still walk the earth, but it's the same idea. I also enjoyed this book as I have always been drawn to the macabre and slightly evil. As a little girl I loved horror stories, and Bram Stoker's "Dracula" is one of my favorite books (another I would say to read.) I highly recommend this book and give it a star. Drat, I can't seem to get the picture of the book to work. sorry about that folks. You can look at it at amazon yourselves.

you are fun. But i have to say I am sad you did not list my blog on the fun blogs section. it's probably because my blog is not fun because i haven't written on it for like 4 months. let's go travel to bulgaria and the like and research the macabre and slightly evil, i've got the frequent flier miles.
Susan, I'm not really the webmaster, so i'll tell Anne to put yours on the link.
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