Saturday, February 11, 2006


Book 4: Sleep, Pale Sister

I should have done two books in one post, and now you really know i've got nothing better to do since am writing two things back to back. oh well, i don't care. So i love the library. Pretty much all libraries are fabulous. I love hiding out there, because they are quiet and mysterious. Quiet, obviously, but mysterious because it brings so many different people in one place with so much information! I like to just walk up and down the shelves, looking at the books and thinking about how many things I can learn. All these people have invited us into their minds and hearts by putting out their work. I wish I could write, but as you might be reading, it's better that i don't write books. I know it sounds cliche, but I love the idea of going everywhere that books can take me...the book i'm reading currently has instilled within me a desire to travel to eastern Europe. But more in a future post.

When I was in college my two friends and I decided we should try to spend the night in the library, in the spooky stacks. At Penn State the library is huge, and it closes at midnight. We thought we'd bring our sleeping bags and snacks and hide in the bathrooms until everyone had left and they had checked to make sure everyone was out. Then we'd have all night long to run around the library, causing mayhem and doing I don't know what. Actually, someone was killed in the stacks there in the 60's, and the idea of iminent danger attracted us to spending the night in Pattee as well. So we had this elaborate plan, and we never did it. I don't know why, but I'm sorry that I didn't. Oh well.

But about the book. I ususally like Joanne Harris; her books are kind of dark. But this one was stupid. I would recommend by her "Chocolat", "FIve Quarters of the Orange" and "Holy Fools." I gave this book a dot.

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