Thursday, February 09, 2006


Book 2: The Palace of Tears

So i think i set myself up for defeat in the whole read a gazillion books this year thing. i am reading some great books, they are just really loooonnnnnggggg. maybe next week i'll hit the children's reading room and knock out ten or fifteen about small creatures and their mischevious adventures. i am also not an internet wiz, and if it takes more effort than emailing, which i don't even do that often, i don't like online activities. anyhoo...

okay, enough nonsense, you want to hear about this book. or read, actually. This book attracted my attention at my favorite library due to the cover artwork. so i picked it up and had a very pleasant read. The story unfolds in nineteenth century france, where our hero, cassimir, is a vintner and somewhat dissatisfied with his drab, yet wealthy, life. he sees a miniature portrait of an exotic looking girl in oriental dress when he's in paris. she has one blue eye, one yellow. falling in love instantly, he leaves his home and vineyards and sets off for the middle east to find her. through a series of adventures and mishaps he does find her, la poupe if i recall correctly. she was the servant of the former sultana, and since her lady's death has been banished to the palace of the tears, a place for women who are no longer beautiful and have outlived their usefulness. They fall in love.

The book is short, each chapter only a page or so. Each chapter begins with a small print of a garden, cool and inviting enough for me to want to jump into the book. Our author doesn't require much of us...i wasn't emotionally invested in any of the characters, but that's okay. rather, i enjoyed sitting in the shade of the aforementioned turkish garden and watching the story play out before me. in short yet poignant pages, she took me to another land. I give this book a smiley (see first book's post for clarification of my rating system.) i would recommend it as a quick and enjoyable easy read.

I'm sure you'll read plenty of books this year. I know the internet is hard for you but just review what you can even if you don't review all the books you read.
I'm almost done with my 6th book and its taken over a week to read so I'm also feeling a little daunted by the 100. It's ok though, I will persevere!
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