Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Through Gates of Splendor

Book #3: Wow!!! The book Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot was amazing. It was amazing because the story is incredible and it challenged me in my relationship with God. Elisabeth tells the story of 5 men who were brutally killed by a savage Indian tribe in Ecuador while they were trying to reach the tribe to tell them about Jesus. The men's journal entries, Elisabeth's perception of the situation (she was married to one of the men), and her obvious passion for the work of God through the missionaries lives made the book hard to put down. The story is not only a story of how the men reached out to the Indians but a story of forgiveness. What Elisabeth doesn't write much about is the fact that after the 5 men were killed their widows continued to try to befriend the Indians. By God's grace, through their hard work and commitment to God they befriended them and many Indians learned the message of God's forgiveness through Christ.

This book challenged me because I'm not so sure that I am ready to go into the jungle, or anywhere for that matter, where my live is literally at stake. The sheer obedience to God by the men and their wives is enough to inspire and encourage me to shoot for half of that. Also, I was captivated by the attitude of the wives. They knew that their husbands were stepping into an extremely dangerous situation but all they did was support and pray for them joyfully. They understood that God comes first in all situations. I don't fully understand this because I'm not married but I often want my friends and family to put me first instead of God. I want to be like those women who obey God by letting the people closest to them put God first. What a blessing it would be for those around me to know I cared more about their relationship with God than their interest in me:)

This book is a must read.

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