Monday, January 30, 2006


Three Weeks with My Brother

Book #2: Nicholas Sparks has written a plethora of fiction novels about people falling in love in the midst of horrible tragedy or tragic love stories ending because of a some horrible life circumstance (distance, disease, disaster). I readily admit I love reading his books but I can't read one without crying. He is most famous for the book and recent blockbuster The Notebook if you are unfamiliar with his work.

When I saw Spark's recent book at the library entitled Three Weeks with My Brother I checked it out immediately. I hoped that I would be able to read it without crying because it was a travel log detailing his trip around the world with his brother and memoir of his life. Without ruining any of the story (because its printed on the book jacket), I will tell you his mom, dad, and sister all passed away before he was 35ish. This memoir was enough to make me cry at least 3 times and help me understand why all of his other stories are so sad. One thing that caught my attention was how candidly Nicholas and his brother talked about their faith and the different struggles they had or didn't have with it because of their family circumstances. It was a great book and I enjoyed reading his story and added several locations to my unending list of places I would like to visit someday. Many of the places they visited on their trip were remote places that I hadn't heard of so I had to look up several of them on my map. I think I'm going to write a few bestsellers so I can buy a glamorous trip around the world.

I remember the moment when I realized all his books left me in tears, so I stopped reading them. Maybe it's time I stocked up on Kleenex and started reading.
Nick Sparks, huh? The General recommended that film, "The Notebook", so I watched it with my wifey. Suprisingly touching, I have to say. But as for reading, I think I'll stick to Victor Davis Hanson. I recommend you try to add one of his to your list.
I don't know anything about Hanson. I'll have to google him sometime today.
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