Friday, January 27, 2006


My Goals here it goes. I decided about 1 week ago to try to read 100 books in the year 2006 knowing full well that I may not even come close to reaching this goal. Ever since I learned how to read I've enjoyed it and have read whenever I could. On good weeks I read 3 books a week and on bad weeks I read a book a month. I would say I average around 2-4 books a month, which puts me at 24-48 books a year. This is less than half of the goal that I have set for myself. But, why not shoot for the stars. In the past 2 months I've read about 12-15 books and if I keep this pace up I can get very close to my goal. Also, keep in mind that I am a teacher and have the whole entire summer to knock off one book after another.

So about this 100...
My criteria for a book is pretty low. It needn't be something deep, moving, eye opening or even worth my time. All it has to be is a book not written for little kids. I enjoy good Christian chick-lit, Micheal Crichton, John Grishm, Mary Higgins Clark, travel literature, spiritually challenging, and spiritually irrelevant books, and whatever is available in print. When it comes to reading I'm not picky.

When I told some friends recently that I wanted to read 100 books, one friend quickly remarked, "you're not going to remember what you read." Little did she know I have a pretty low retention rate already so I'm not too concerned about that. But to make my reading worthwhile and memorable, I decided I would keep a log and write a summary/review about the books I've read/will read this year. Then the idea dawned on me: Why not put it on the Internet? And this blog was created.

So, I will be reviewing (if you can call it that) any books I read this year and keeping track of the number of books I have read.

The GREAT news is that I have a co-reviewer by the name of Jerusha. She is super cool, super inteligent, and a super avid reader. She can't get enough of books and the library. We also share a favorite author in Mary Higgins Clark. If you haven't read one of her mysterys check one out now. You'll probably enjoy Jerusha's reviews more than mine and I'm ok with that.

One last thought and I am done. Please do not feel like you have to read this blog or even comment on it if you are reading it. If you do comment feel free to recomend books too. Also, I'm not really into proofreading so just ignore any of my errors and if it annoys you too much just quit reading.

First review to come soon!

ok, so I saw you were starting a blog and without even looking at it, I almost immeadiately emailed back "ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME?????" but instead, i took the high-road and read the first entry, and i must say even I (the anti-blogger) am intrigued. This is probably simply due to the fact that I have the exact same taste in books as you...which once again confirmed for me that we might be the same person(but different). ANYWHO ... I will attempt to read all 100 reviews this year, if you actually write them. May I also suggest for a quick and easy read the "sisterchicks" series. good luck in your endeavor weirdo! - love ya, e:)
Does reading this blog count towards the 100 book goal?
too cool Super Anne! That should be the official name for your blog...

anyway, check out mine at!

I changed my publishing name to Super Anne. I wasn't super happy with hugs (even though I am still always ready for a hug).
best idea for a blog, ever.
I'm glad my skepticism at your quest to read 100 books (and comprehend them) led to the creation of this blog. I can't wait to read your reviews!
100 is alot of books. I'm reading 2 now, both of which I started in september. everything slows down a little when it gets cold, including my reading skills. one might think that when it gets colder there is more time to spend inside and read, but whoever thought that is wrong. or maybe reads too much. review on!
Where did you find it? Interesting read here
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